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Welcome on my page!

I am Katalin Miklos. I breathe my first cyprus air in 2006 as I came for a short holliday. and to be honest, it was fascinating from the first moment. but the more I discovered cyprus, the more I fall in love with this beautiful island.

after a short time, I had no doubt, I must have my own appartment on this wanderful island.  in 2008 I realiced my dream and bougt my own apartement. from now on, I spendt a lot of time in cyprus. actually, I discovered a lot of exciting places beside the wellknown touristic hotspots. cyprus is much, much  more than beach and sea, believe me!

I want to share this cyprus experience. in the first time I rented my appartement to friends. but I learned, without local  cyprus experience, they do not see the exciting places that i know already, they do  not find the absolute must see!

so I created a new holliday possibility. holliday with me as a cyprus insider! it is more than a programm organisation. it is independent, with local knowledge. and  it is individual with  open air feeling - with my own cabrio!  and this makes your holliday absolute flexible and open for your interests across the island.

you can choose what is perfect for your individuall holliday: 

booking for one or two seperated sleepingrooms is possible.

so I can stay and support the hollidays with the tourists. or as an option you can also book me as a tourguide during the day.

of course, you can rent the apartement without tourguide option too.

and all without car driving stress, you know, in cyprus is leftsidedriving!

Beautiful Cyprus is the alleged birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty and love and it’s easy to see why. With turquoise waters, golden sands, ancient mosques and a rich history.

The climate across the island is much the same and Cyprus holidays are blessed with a long summer season – about eight months – and over 340 days of sunshine each year.





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